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what we provide

We show up in every way

At BuildCo your contractor and project manager are the same person! That means you always get the dedicated and responsive attention your home design and construction needs.

We optimize and organize 24/7

We manage and create a smooth construction process through clear communication. Whether it’s early stage planning or changes during the build, we’re quick to listen and act.

We sweat the details so you don’t have to

We dovetail the design and construction into a well crafted experience. We anticipate material needs, comb through the plans, and sweat the artistry of your design construction.


how we work



Meet with the architect & owner on-site to review plans and manage expectations.



Put-together a quick line-by-line estimate of potential building costs.



Pre-construction agreement, value engineering, proposals, and allowances defined.



Construction budget, Permitting, and preliminary materials/tools acquisition.



Ground breaking, construction, product procurement, and inspections.



Walk-through to review punch list, and get home ready for move-in.





How would you describe your company?

Buildco LLC is a small and dedicated custom residential construction firm that also does small, fun, and unique commercial spaces.

How personally hands-on will you be with our project?

For large residential projects, such as interior remodels, we actually handle all the framing and demolition in-house with the support of additional carpenters to build out the framing, trim-out and any other miscellaneous items needed for the project.

How often will you be on site?

BuildCo likes to dedicate personal attention to each project. Thus, we only work on up to several projects at any time. When we take on larger projects, we focus on those only do one other smaller project. We like to group projects in the same parts of town so we can more properly manage and quality control. This approach allows us to manage each intricacy of the home/space as well as coordinate demolition, framing, and subcontractors throughout the project.

How often will you communicate with us?

BuildCo cares about its clients as much as the quality of the spaces we create for them. We always answer the client, if there is a question/crisis/concern; we will even help the client source materials they would like to personally provide for the project. We are usually in daily contact with the client and/or their architect/interior designer, to clarify on layout and additional dimensions, if necessary. This approach allows us to be flexible and attentive, even if the product is initially not complete in its full scope.

Do you have subcontractors and/or your own in-house crew?

BuildCo has both subcontractors. Our in-house crew handles a lot of tasks such as site protection, framing demolition, interior-trim, siding, doors, and windows. We also have subcontractors that aid us in specific tasks, such as when a project large amounts of exterior framing. If the project is only an interior remodel project, we will handle the framing in-house along with the assistance of one or two carpenters.

What resources and skills makes you unique?

Josh Cummins (PM & Owner) has over twenty years of experience in all aspects of carpentry in woodworking. He is therefore positioned uniquely to oversee projects throughout all phases of development and manage subcontractors appropriately. As such, Josh brings hands-on experience to the table, paying careful attention to overarching project concepts and their respective engineering goals.


What is your cost-estimating process?

When we first meet a new client, we do a one-time free estimate, based on provided plans for the project. If our initial estimate is accepted, we require a pre-construction contract with 1% of the estimate down to move the project to a “bid status.” During a remodel we sometimes have estimates or allowances for particular selections that are not yet finalized, thus during a build-out, we try to get each line item to a “bid.” In essence, we try to get up to ~80% of a project to a “bid status.” As projects progress during their builds, we flesh out actual costs. While we do our best to anticipate unknowns, we sometimes find much more intensive work is needed (exe: finding that all-new electrical/plumbing is needed under a slab), in these cases we update the estimate/bid as appropriate and consult the client/design team.

Will you be itemizing your estimate?

Our budget process is very thorough (line by line, room by room, trade by trade) in order to illustrate the origin of each cost. Our itemization is so detailed that after we walk the client through our estimate, they have a better understanding of not only how to read the itemization, but how to follow and interpret it as the budget progression process/plans evolves. In addition to recording changes daily, we keep constant track of change orders and product selections.

Do you have a fixed fee or cost plus contract?

BuildCo has a combination of these two (fixed-fee | cost-plus). We record a status column within the budget that delineates whether the line-items are a bid or estimate. We always endeavor to have as many bid items as possible within the project budget. In essence, the more thorough and complete the plans provided, the more developed our budget.

What percentage is your profit and overhead?

BuildCo has a standard 10% contingency that is set overhead, making our overall contractor fee 20%. The initial 10% rolls into the total profit as the project progresses, covering any unforeseen expenses. If the client has the same bank as BuildCo we maintain our profit at 20%. If the client prefers to pay out-of-pocket, we will actually reduce our overall profit by 1%, as this saves so much time and years of paperwork.

Do you mark up materials? Ex. appliances, tile

We do not mark up materials; we actually allow the client to use our builder pricing to purchase items directly. We do charge for the installation and delivery of appliances.

Can we use your discount to purchase materials directly from suppliers?

Of course! If the client purchases items we’ll even pass the savings on them as well.

Will the owner have access to the books during construction?

We have an open-books policy; the client has access to review all documents during the entirety of the project. We also include proposals from each subcontractor in the client’s Google Docs project folder.

Will you help with cost estimating and value engineering prior to final pricing?

We love to contribute from our previous experience, and we have seen many designs, built-out many styles, and worked with various architects. We will give our opinions and ideas in order to help the client in navigating/value-engineering their project.


How do you produce and manage the construction schedule?

We maintain a Google Calendar, which we share with the architect and client, that we alter and update constantly. This includes changes to scope, weather delays, or unforeseen hiccups we encounter throughout the build. As a result the schedule is optimized, well-designed and thorough.

What do you require from the Owner and Architect in order to keep the project on schedule?

We require a full set of plans and as much information on design selections as possible in order to offer a full schedule (landscape design when applicable).


What services do you provide prior to construction?

We provide a one-time complimentary estimate. After this estimate, the pre-construction contract comes into play, here we require 1% down of the total project budget in order to provide value engineering and further estimating for the project final budget.

Would you give a cost estimate as a part of the builder selection process?

BuildCo provides a free estimate at the start of the project. After our first pass, we require 1% down for the pre-construction contract, in order to bid the project out. If the client decides to move forward with us, this 1% rolls back into the budget for the project. Otherwise, BuildCo retains it for budgetary cost in estimating the project.

Do you prefer to be involved in the design process?

As your builder we greatly appreciate being involved in the design process in order to keep our budget up to date. We rely on communication in order to keep estimating and providing helpful value engineering to further the design and development of the project.

Do you suggest construction techniques, resources, vendors, sub-contractors, craftsmen, artisans, products or processes that will help refine the design, schedule and budget?

Over the past 20 years as a carpenter and project manager, Josh has several resources to reach out to when refining the budget and schedule. BuildCo has a wide and connected network; we know most of the craftsmen/artisans in town and have seen so many designs and processes that we’re happy to give expertise, advice, and design applications for every aspect of the project.


Do you notify the Owner and Architect about deadlines for selections?

We always keep the owner and architect up to date. We keep a decision calendar on the construction calendar that the owner has access too. In addition to this, we have weekly meetings to go over changes and concretize materials to maintain sufficient lead-time. We even send follow-up emails to make sure we get everything right in a timely manner.

What level of residential craftsmanship are most of your projects?

Most of our projects are high-end residential homes that are custom & unique. We love new exciting challenges such as modular interiors.

How will the jobsite be left at the end of every day?

At the end of the day, we sweep. We are firm believers that a clean job-site is a safe job-site.

How do you handle change orders?

We have a dedicated change order form that is completed/signed by the owner that is then reflected on the budget-estimate and invoices.


+ How do you handle the finish out and final punch list?

We do a punch-list walk-through with the client and architect. We complete each task to the owner's satisfaction. We also provide a home owner's manual at the end of the project including paint colors, appliances, fixtures, spreadsheets, as-built documents and finish schedules.

+ What is your warranty policy?

We provide a standard one-year builder's warranty.